We are next generation digital publishers of content targeting Black, African-American & Latino consumers. 



With digital delivery of entertainment, Swan simpson Media Group serves as an international conduit of music, books, entertainment, and more.



Connecting influence and the community thus producing more audience engagement.



We've been creating and marketing for decades. From Authors and Books, to Films, TV Shows and Community Events; our hands have been in some of the most successful Branding campaigns as well a the most memorable Marketing & Promotions Campaigns.

Back in 2001 I started a Production Company and a Record Label in my living room. Of course, this was unheard of at the time. And the fact that we had very little money, ok no money to really speak of. Just enough to hire and feed some very hungry yet unknown Actors and Production talent.


Once we got the first film/video finished and the music all mastered on my desktop computer, it was time to do what I knew best. And that was to sell our dream.


My Marketing Team and I took to the phones with a carefully worded and crafted script, calling every mom and pop video and music store in the country. I created a one sheet that looked like what all of the big boys in Marketing used.  The one sheet broke down all the details of who would buy our music & video. We KNEW our Urban Audience. We started faxing that one sheet over to these stores and then we would take orders right over the phone for our product.  Nobody had ever even heard of us. It was our unique marketing and promotion skills that set us apart from all the other Independents jocking for shelf space. All of this "attention" attracted opportunities. I would eventually sign with one of the largest Direct to Video Distributors in the World. Not too shabby for a first time Filmmaker and Record Producer. 


We've evolved since that time into digital content creators producing magazines, books, music, online tv and other digital entertainment. 


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